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Schedule of Events

EVERYONE is welcome to join us at events and trail rides. Do keep in mind, you are responsible for your bad decisions, as wheeling is AT YOUR OWN RISK! We will not, however, leave anyone behind.
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  1. Windrock Park OHV Trail Run/ Oakridge, TN
    2 days of trail riding with the CTOR crowd. With over 325 miles of trails and plenty of amenities in town, it's going to be a blast. Thursday the 18th is a road day, Friday and Saturday on the trails, Sunday drive home. Hit us up on Facebook for more details.
    April 19-20th, 2019
  2. 2019 Uwharrie Invasion/ Troy, NC
    Our 4th Annual Uwharrie Invasion! Registration is at the bottom of the page. Open to all types of rigs. Event fee is 12 dollars per rig and there is a limit of 40 rigs. Once we hit 40, I'll cut it off and you will go on a stand by list. I have already paid for group camps A and B for those that want to camp with the group, and of course the other camp grounds are close by if you would rather purchase your own site with electricity and water. Group camp does have hot showers and bathrooms. I will have an advanced group that will tackle the harder trails, and an intermediate group for those that want to hit the safer trails or are new to off roading. This is a sponsored event and we will have tons of great raffle prizes. Your entry fee covers one raffle ticket, and you will be able to purchase additional tickets for a total of no more than 4. Event T Shirts and hoodies will be available for purchase once the decal is finalized. An itinerary will be provided closer to the event date. WHEELING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    May 10-12th, 2019
  3. CTOR Goes to Rausch Creek/ Tremont, PA
    Tammy "JeepMomma" Forsyth is hosting CTOR way up in Tremont, PA for two days of wheeling at Rausch Creek. July 26th is a travel day, wheeling the 27th-28th, drive home on the 29th. This will be a guided trip for all levels of builds and experiance. Looking forward to a great time with some great people. If you're interested in going, please RSVP in the events section of the Facebook page.
    Jul 26-29th, 2019
2019 Uwharrie Invasion 

Registration Is FULL

If there are any cancelations, I will notify the group and repost the link to reserve a spot. Keep an eye out for updates. 
1. Bryan Draper -  Jeep JK
2. Erin Ray - Jeep JK
3. Mason Poe - Jeep TJ
4. Jeff Boan - Jeep JK
5. Donnie Griffin - Toyota 4 Runner
6. Scott Brigman - Suzuki Samurai
7. Javier Monroy - Jeep JK
8. Jordan Baker -  Jeep JK
9. Nick Giordano - Jeep XJ
10. MIchael Williamson - Jeep XJ
11. John Brigman - Jeep XJ
12. Erin Koger - Jeep LJ
13. Charles Koger - Jeep LJ
14. Alex Winters - Jeep JK
15. Tammy Forsyth - Jeep JK
16. Steed Flint - Jeep JK
17. Chloe Lundquist - Jeep JK
18. Jerry Bryant - Jeep JK
19. Patrick Downey - Jeep LJ
20. Doug Presson - Toyota 4 Runner
21. Joe Catoe - Jeep TJ
22. Keri Catoe - Jeep JK
23. Jenings Casey - Jeep JK
24. Brannon Thompson - Jeep JK
25. Gretchen Magura - Jeep JK
26. Tammy Alden - Jeep JK
27. Murphy Barrera - Jeep JK
28. Basil Guevarra - Jeep JK
29. Chip Smith - Jeep JK
30. Shane Melvin - Jeep JK
31. Brian Plummer - Jeep JK
32. Jeff Edgington - Jeep JK
33. Tindall Hutchinson - Jeep JK
34. Gene Langley - Suzuki Samurai
35. John Runge - Jeep TJ
36. Joe Fagnand - Jeep JK
37. Carey Kendrick - Suzuki Samurai
38. Dan Lah - Jeep Tj
39. Rick Depianta - Jeep Tj
40. Kathy Palahnuk - Jeep JK