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Carolina Trails Off-Road is an open forum club local to the Florence, SC area. Despite our location, we have members accross the South East. We are NOT a Jeep Club, we are an Off-Road club and all types of rigs are welcome! CTOR is a place where fellow off roading enthusiest can get together, network, plan trips, get support for repairs and installations, and anything else that aids in the growth and awareness of our sport. We encourage Tread LIghtly principles at every outdoor recreational event. Through awareness and responsible off roading, we can ensure our resources and trails remain open for years to come.
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  1. Join the group on Facebook!
    To join the group, click on the link above in the header or Find us at: Everyone is welcome no matter what type of off roading you do. No fees and no dues.
  2. Treadlightly Membership Discount
    CTOR members get a discount on memberships to Treadlightly. Join the Facebook group to get access to the code in the files section!
  3. Trail Rides and Charity Events
    There's always something going on in the off-road world. Check the events section here or on the Facebook page to see what happening. Everyone is welcome to join in no matter what type of rig you have or what your skill level is.
  4. Monthly Club Meetings
    Watch the events section here or on Facebook for when and where we are having our next club meeting! Everyone is invited!
  5. BLOG!
    Check our blog to follow along with the action.
  6. 2019 Uwharrie Invasion
    Our 4th Annual Uwharrie Invasion is schedule for May 10-12th 2019. It's going to be a great time! Cutting it off at 40 rigs. Check the events section for registration and more details.
Carolina Trails Off-Road is proud to have Root One Six  as our official parts supplier. Click the link to the right to check out their website!